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Data Science & Machine Learning Workshop

11th January 2018, Thursday – The Carrot Patch, in partnership with UpCode Academy, conducted a free workshop to share how Machine Learning is set to be the next big thing, as we progress towards a Smart Nation in Singapore.

The Carrot Patch was packed to the brim, in attendance were more than 50 people from the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Technology, all brought together through their passion for learning and discovery.

Those present received an opportunity to learn from one of the best in this field. ZP was the head of development for Zumata Machine Learning Systems and former CTO of 40Tasks LOCO. He has built large scale machine learning systems and prediction engines, and also teaches in Singapore Polytechnic. With more than 9 years of programming experience, ZP was keen to share the insights he picked up on his journey from a self taught programmer to a prominent figure in the Data Science and Machine Learning industry.

Throughout the workshop, ZP took an unconventional approach, intentionally avoiding confusing jargon and acronyms ubiquitous in the technology industry, and instead presented his ideas using digestible concepts and principles. All participants were able to clearly gain a macroscopic understanding of Data Science and the processes that drive it. These were supplemented with concrete examples drawn from ZP’s wealth of experience in the Data Science and Machine Learning fields, demonstrating the power of Data Science in real world scenarios.

To most of the uninitiated, Data Science is a poorly defined and foreign concept. However, as ZP masterfully revealed, Data Science is at its core a combination of mathematical principles, programming skills and data communication that many people already possess. In fact, many people in attendance discovered that they had the raw skills to be a Data Scientist; all they lacked was the awareness of how to apply their existing knowledge.

To put all the information he shared in perspective, ZP carried out a live demonstration of how Data Science could accurately and rapidly determine the degree and nature of correlation between two separate sets of data. In the process ZP also introduced several tools that would be of great benefit to any aspiring Data Scientists, including vast data resources and a powerful coding tool. It was at this point that ZP also demonstrated elements of Machine Learning; using the computer model he devised to predict outcomes.

Hearing about Data Science was one thing, but seeing it first-hand was a compelling experience for many present. Perhaps what was most striking was the fact that even members of the audience who had no prior coding experience were able to follow as ZP blazed through sequences of code, a testament to both the universality of Data Science and the clarity of ZP’s explanation.

As the event wound to a close, the audience left having had their interest in Data Science and Machine Learning stoked. Everyone walked away having gained something invaluable, be it knowledge, a fresh perspective or having their curiosity kindled.

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