The Hungry Talks: Founder Families and Mother Industrialist

It was a privilege for The Carrot Patch to have Kenneth Choo to give his sharing at the beginning of the The Hungry Talk session titled “Founder Families and Mother Industrialist”.

Kenneth Choo is an entrepreneur, business consultant and a mother industrialist. His former stint as an Advertising Sales Executive at Motherhood Magazine has established for him a strong identity in the parenting industry. As a father of a nine-year-old daughter, Kenneth is able to put himself in the shoes of modern-day parents and relate to the challenges they face in establishing a balance between work and family commitments.

Kenneth also recently published his book titled “Mother Industrialist: Perfecting the Balance between Motherhood and Business Success” which is a compilation of stories of real-time mothers who have become successful mommypreneurs.

Held within the premise of The Carrot Patch’s event space last Wednesday, the participants managed to benefit from Kenneth’s firsthand sharing of his tips starting a business while juggling with parenting chores. This was followed by an insightful talk by Bian Li and Gustavo Liu, the founders of The Hungry Lab Asia, on how to approach entrepreneurship with family concerns to look into at the same time.

The speakers offered a highly relatable analogy of likening the starting of an entrepreneurship or business start-up to the process of dating and the birth of a child. Similar to the ‘requirements’ of a courtship process, a couple needs to ensure that they are backed up by financial resources, and this applies to the initial phases of embarking on a start-up enterprise whereby business partners need to have enough financial back-up as they won’t be expecting revenue to come in in the first couple of months.

Drawing parallels between entrepreneurship and parenting, the participants were observed to be nodding in approval to the points raised during the session. The talk was followed by a time of networking between the participants and the speakers at The Carrot Patch’s neighbour, G Bar & Grill.

We have an upcoming session of The Hungry Talks titled “Entry Level Blockchain: Development, Mining and Business”. For information on upcoming talks at The Carrot Patch, please visit Eventbrite.

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(Photo source: The Hungry Lab Asia Facebook)

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