Convenience Services around The Carrot Patch

If you’ve been faithfully following our blog posts, you’re most likely to be in the know of the various modes of public transport and routes which you can take to get to The Carrot Patch co-working space.

To give you even more reasons to choose The Carrot Patch as the ideal co-working space, we’ve hereby compiled a list of convenience services located within the vicinity from our co-working space.

Ranging from hawker centres to supermarkets, fast food restaurants, to post office and banking services, you’ll be glad to know that subscribing to a Hot Desk to work at The Carrot Patch not only offers you a conducive work space, you and your project team mates will also get to benefit from the wide range of lifestyle amenities and convenience services which are easily accessible from our co-working space.

1. SingPost Bukit Merah

We provide mail services at The Carrot Patch, but this information sure does come in handy to you: The post office is located within seven minutes’ walking distance from our co-working space.

With that, you can make it a point to stock up on your stamps if they happen to run out at home, as well as last minute birthday cards for a colleague…Shh.

Location: #01-3689, Blk 165 Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 150165

2. ATM Services

For POSB customers, you can head to your nearest ATM situated within the SPC petrol station diagonally opposite the cross junction. The same goes for UOB customers!

The second nearest POSB ATM machine would be the one situated right beside NTUC FairPrice mentioned in Point 1.

Aside from the convenience it offers for POSB customers to withdraw cash for some last-minute grocery shopping, there is also an OCBC ATM located beside the said NTUC FairPrice outlet.

3. Banking Services

Even if the ATMs don’t suffice, you may head down to Tiong Bahru Plaza for the full range of services. Guess this applies when you happen to deposit your lottery wins, after collecting them at Singapore Pools located within the premise of Connection One (the building opposite our office).

4. Stationery Store

The well-established stationery chain Evergreen has an outlet located within our vicinity. Should you run out of pens, papers, highlighters in need of ink toners or the customisation of a rubber stamp, this helpful store is located within a stone’s throw away. Simply hop onto bus service 14 at the bus stop in front of Bukit Merah Town Centre and alight at the fourth stop.

Location: #01-76, Blk 123 Bukit Merah Lane 1, Singapore 150123

5. Print Shop

We understand that you co-working space businessmen need professional namecards to get to network your ideas. You’ll be most delighted to know that the established print provider Finethinks is located within 10 minutes’ walking distance from The Carrot Patch.

Yes, you can get a wide range of collaterals and accessories printed with much convenience. What’s more, Finethinks has been reviewed by its loyal customers as a one-stop printing vendor that supplies all that you need about prints!

Location: #03-3559, 163 Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 150163

6. NTUC FairPrice

Yes, the household-favourite supermarket NTUC FairPrice is located within 10 to 12 minutes’ walking distance from The Carrot Patch working space. This means that you can conveniently do your grocery shopping during your lunch breaks as well as in between your project discussions!

Location: #02-3531, 166 Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 150166

7. McDonald’s

Ok, this doesn’t sound very healthy or helpful…But the 24-hour fast food chain McDonald’s is located two buildings away from The Carrot Patch. Nonetheless, should you feel peckish anytime while you’re working at your discussions or projects, you’ll be glad to know that you can save on McDonald’s delivery fee.

Location: #01-01, Rubikon Convention Centre, 3501 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 159460

8. SingHealth Polyclinics

Bukit Merah Polyclinic is located just within a bus stop’s distance away from our co-working space, another point to boast of The Carrot Patch as a convenient venue to work at. Please don’t get us wrong, we’re not cursing you to fall ill, just emphasising the convenience of getting a sudden cold or flu fixed.

Wonder how our Carrot Patch co-working space is like? Call us at +65 8222 2252 or drop us a message at info@thecarrotpatch.co for a tour of our space.

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