Meet the Fun and Energetic Team behind The Carrot Patch

The Carrot Patch lives up to its tagline, “Cultivating a Smart Community”. In so doing, the co-working space seeks to bring together a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business start-ups to come together on a consultative and assistive goal, with the veterans of the industry offering tips and advice to the young starters in the field.

The Carrot Patch isn’t just another ordinary co-working space, for there is a team of fun and energetic crew that is always there to render assistance and to inject an element of fun to your moments of hotdesking at our cosy and conducive hideout.

Meet the Team:

CEO, Marcus S Tan
General Manager, Loo Kian Wai

The gentlemen on the extreme right of the above photo is none other than our CEO, Marcus Tan. Marcus is the leader of the pack who sets the vision for The Carrot Patch.

In the same photo, you also see our General Manager, Kian Wai, also the leader of the pack who oversees the functioning of The Carrot Patch co-working space.

Lynn, Community Ambassador

The Community Ambassador for The Carrot Patch, Lynn is literally the face for The Carrot Patch. She is always found with a warm and friendly smile and is ready on standby to assist members of The Carrot Patch with the necessary in making their experience at our co-working space one that is homely and hassle-free.

Ranging from membership sign-ups, event space and room bookings to event planning for The Carrot Patch, Lynn is able to offer flexible and reasonable solutions to meet the needs of the different groups of partners who are looking for a tech-focused community to work with.

Lynn holds to a personal motto which is spelt, “Keep on Hustling”. She believes there is no harm in trying new things and this applies to the budding entrepreneurs out there who have plenty of opportunities to embark on new ventures and pick up valuable learning points from every experience that lies ahead. She finds it a joy to get to know our Carrot Patch members personally, to understand their needs and help make each of their time spent at The Carrot Patch a comfortable and enriching one.

To express your interest in The Carrot Patch’s membership plans or for any enquiries pertaining to The Carrot Patch, feel free to contact her at lynn@thecarrotpatch.co

Aside from Lynn who is the face of The Carrot Patch, we’d also like to introduce you to the team that is helming the operations behind this unique co-working community.

The Team

From left to right:

Kallis, Marketing Director (second from the left) at The Carrot Patch, handles marketing, partnership, media relations and other queries. She is most willing to attend to your interests in doing PR partnerships and collaborations with The Carrot Patch. To express your firm’s interest in working with The Carrot Patch, feel free to drop her an email at kallis@aiq.tech.

Lu Ling (third from the left), HR and Admin at The Carrot Patch, handles the administration matters to do with our co-working space.

Crystal (forth from the left), Office Manager of AIQ, assists in the finance and operations for both The Carrot Patch and its parent company, AIQ.

Should you require help with regards to IT or advice with regards to design and artwork, the two gentlemen on the extreme right of the photo, Christopher and Lionel (left to right) will be able to assist you with their tech and graphic design expertises respectively.

We look forward to seeing you at The Carrot Patch!

For a tour of The Carrot Patch co-working space, call us at +65 8222 2252 or drop us a message at info@thecarrotpatch.co

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