The Hungry Talks: Entry Level Blockchain & Blockchain for Developers

So much is happening in the blockchain space at present, but do most of us understand what blockchain currency is all about and how blockchain applies to business?

It was a privilege for The Carrot Patch to host the two Hungry Talks held over the past two Saturdays, 7 and 14 July 2018. Revolving around the theme of introduction to blockchain and the applications of blockchain on businesses, the talks held at our The Carrot Patch Event Space saw the participants nodding with approval and walking out with satisfaction upon garnering the knowledge and insights they had picked up from the Hungry Talks conducted by speakers Yan Chia and Kenneth Hu.

Yan Chia – Founder, Tropical Digits
Kenneth Hu – Founder & Co-Organiser, Singapore Blockchain & Dapps Meetup







Founder of Tropical Digits, a full-force ethereum mining facility, Yan belongs to one of the few early crypto miners in Singapore. Yan frequently speaks at events that cover blockchain topics. For the purpose of this talk on Entry Level Blockchain, she had voluntarily shared her views with regards to mining and token trading as well as how they can benefit businesses and developers in the blockchain ecosystem.

As for speaker Kenneth Hu, Founder and Co-organiser of Singapore Blockchain & Dapps Meetup, he spoke from his experiences as a multi-language programmer and of his knowledge in developing tech solutions for both the government and the private sectors.

As for the second event “Blockchain for Developers: Basic Level”, Kenneth helmed the stage again, showing the participants how to set up a development environment, create a Truffle project using a Truffle box, come up with a smart contract as well as interact with the MetaCoin Dapp and Pet Shop Dapp in a browser.

We have an upcoming event “Early Bunnies Get the Carrots!” on Wednesday, 17 July 2018 held next door at The G Bar & Grill. This event is exclusive to The Carrot Patch members. Stay tuned for updates about it.

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(Photo source: The Hungry Lab Asia, The Hungry Lab Asia Facebook)

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