The Return of the Fun and Energetic Staff Team

Just last week, the AIQ and The Carrot Patch staff team were away for their teambuilding retreat to Malacca, Malaysia. In case you’ve missed the familiar faces serving you at the reception desk, you’ll be glad to know that the staff team is back recharged and rejuvenated to serve you better!

Good things are meant to be shared, so let us share with you some of the interesting highlights of our trip…

For a temporary stint that lasted one day, the CEO and CFO of AIQ and The Carrot Patch held the roles of “Chief Entertainment Officer” and “Chief Fun Officer” – the masterminds behind the challenging questions and torturous tasks that got everyone’s heads cracking throughout the two-hour-long Amazing Race around Jonker Street (a.k.a. the Chinatown in Malacca).

The fieryhot Red Team, all out to collect Carrot points!
The sunny Yellow Team that outshines
The vibrant and harmonious Green Team
The calm yet conquering Blue Team

What a close fight it was, with it being a heart-racing moment when all five teams waited to know the winner of the race. Well, everyone wanted to avoid the torturing forfeit construed by our bosses who were all out to prank us during this team-bonding trip…haha

Above all, it was a friendly inter-team challenge whereby everyone got to know their colleagues better, with each team consisting of a diverse mix of staff members from various departments across the board.

Yummy Nyonya cuisine
Onboard the Melaka River Cruise together

Ok that’s all…Seems like the pictures do more of the talking for this blog post. We’re now back to reality, and all-ready to prove that we’re a team that works and plays hard. Stay tuned for more updates about AIQ and The Carrot Patch.

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