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How The Carrot Patch derived its name

Many people have asked us, “Why are you called The Carrot Patch?” and “Do you guys grow carrots?”

This week, we’re glad to inform you that you’ll have your questions debunked…So, we want to address the most crucial question, “Why are we called The Carrot Patch?”

Hope you’ve all figured out by this point that nope, we do not grow carrots. Well, at least this should have been obvious with us being a co-working space.

Who We Are

Nestled within the city-fringe area, The Carrot Patch is the next-generation co-working space that focuses on developing businesses and nurturing talents in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology.

A recurring motif throughout the business, the Carrot is versatile, nutritious and signifies vibrancy, hope and wisdom – important elements to making businesses work. Our co-working space is located at the basement of the Apex @ Henderson building, a concept of nurturing and honing the budding young starters who are embarking on their entrepreneurship journey. This is parallel to the analogy of cultivating carrots underground before they bloom and are ready for harvest.

Hotdesking at The Carrot Patch

Here at The Carrot Patch, we believe in providing an incubator ecosystem for these budding entrepreneurs and freelancers to come together to exchange ideas and hone their skills before moving on from our Carrot Patch community for even greater business ventures which they will be taking up in the future.

So there, we hope we’ve managed to get your doubts cleared with respect to our name. On the same note, interesting features which differentiate and set us apart from other co-working spaces in Singapore include our wallet-friendly price plans for hotdesking at our premise that is situated within the city-fringe. Speaking of which, our prices are tailored to cater to graduating polytechnic and university students to support them in starting their own businesses.

Work hard and play hard at The Carrot Patch

Equipped with facilities and amenities comprising a foosball table, gym, sauna as well as a recreational area with an arcade console, The Carrot Patch sets itself apart from other serious co-working spaces by targeting at young start-ups, freelancers and student entrepreneurs.

Read more on The Straits Times’ coverage of The Carrot Patch: “Work hard, play hard atmosphere”.

Marcus S Tan, co-founder of The Carrot Patch

“To the budding entrepreneurs out there, go all the way out to pursue your dreams and do not fear any failures. It is all right to fail upon your many business ventures and be successful in at least one. It is never too late or too old to start your own business or pursue your dreams and ideas,” – Marcus S Tan, co-founder of The Carrot Patch.

For a tour of The Carrot Patch co-working space, call us at +65 8222 2252 or drop us a message at info@thecarrotpatch.co

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