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Inside Series: Digging Deep into Elsy Inc

Elsy Inc is a media technology company that uses data and algorithms to deliver data-driven omnichannel media planning, resulting in greater media ROI and improved operating efficiency. The team at Elsy assists US Advertisers and their Agencies achieve greater returns on their entire portfolio of Media Investments through data-driven planning across traditional, social, digital and programmatic media channels.

At present, Elsy only operates in USA and the team is working on its expansion to international markets.

The Birth of Elsy Inc

Robin Wong is an investor and a core member of the Elsy Inc Management Team.

Before joining Elsy, Robin was the APAC CEO of Mindshare’s Future Adaptive Specialist Team (FAST). Robin is now Consultant of Elsy Inc and has plans of setting up Elsy International as a Singapore entity as his team expands within the near future.

Our interview with Robin revealed that the idea behind Elsy Inc came about when he discovered the huge opportunity of managing media investments in a data and algorithmic driven fashion. With respect to which, Elsy assists advertisers in achieving the following:

     1. Superior Returns

Plan campaigns against expected business outcomes rather than media metrics. Avoid wasteful activities by assessing expected returns using norms and / or available in-market ROI measurements.

    2. Increased Speed and Efficiency

Increase efficiency and agility by accelerating planning cycles through automation. Plan at greater levels of granularity to further optimise investments.

    3. Greater Control and Transparency

Get full visibility and traceability into the planning process, investment decisions and underlying assumptions.

    4. Collective Intelligence

Harness collective intelligence to identify new investment opportunities and compare performance and planning assumptions with other leading brands.

     5. Reduced Silos

Reduce silos across media channels (Traditional, Social, Programmatic and Digital) and teams, and better integrate all available measurements with Media Planning process.

     6. Culture of Experimentation

Rigorous and systematic use of data and measurements to continuously test, learn and optimise media investments.

Upon questioning Robin where he sees Elsy in the next five years, he mentions that the Elsy platform will be rolled out to more markets. This will extend beyond USA to service clients in the EMEA, APAC and LATAM. Elsy Inc’s offering will also be highly intelligent, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning sharpening algorithms on a continual basis across markets.

Sharing about his experience at our co-working space, Robin claims that he is glad to be at The Carrot Patch, giving credit to the environment being one that is comfortable and conducive for him to focus on his work.

“For those based in Singapore, I encourage more of you to step forth and be more entrepreneurial, if not starting your own company, then at least invest in start-ups or join them as early stage employees or partners. We need to start creating more real value through enterprises, creating more higher value adding jobs and roles. So start saving, investing and planning for this as you work or study and when the right opportunity comes, jump on it!” Robin advises.

Interested to work with Robin or meet with him for a chat about starting your own business in the AI or tech field? Come drop by The Carrot Patch to chance upon a meaningful conversation with him. For a tour of The Carrot Patch co-working space, call us at +65 8222 2252 or drop us a message at

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