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Bringing You Plentiful Perks with Our Private Office

A shout-out to the entrepreneurs, business groups and all business and tech startups, The Carrot Patch team is excited to announce the opening of our Private Office!

Situated within an exclusive segment of AIQ’s (sister company of The Carrot Patch) office, our Private Office is spacious and conducive for the gathering of your teams for project discussions.

You’ll be most glad to know that you can rent this comfortable bunny hole at special opening rates starting from S$1,400 per month for a minimum group of three pax.

Why Choose The Carrot Patch Private Office over Serviced Offices in Singapore?

When it comes to renting premises for your office space, it is a commonplace belief that this is likely to incur heavy expenses in Singapore. Upon discussion of renting an office space, there is an array of costs to be taken into consideration.

According to online news source SG Offices, the average cost of renting a fully-furnished serviced office in Singapore stands between S$1,000 to S$5,000 per month. Not to add salt unto the wound, but variables such as location and amenities also affect the overall cost.




Most of all, working at a private office allows for opportunities of interaction and networking with other businesses in the similar field, which is in this case, the field of tech. With that, you have the opportunity to work within the comforts of our private office space and have the convenience of exchanging ideas with the rest of The Carrot Patch’s tenants who are hotdesking with us at our basement. This is also in line with our tagline of Building a Smart Community.

What are you waiting for? Gather your colleagues and network of bunny pals by renting this residential workspace that guarantees you plentiful perks within our city-fringe location, available at our wallet-friendly price rate!

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