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The Hungry Talks: Create Your Own Crypto Tokens

Just a while back, The Hungry Talks had held their workshop on Entry Level Blockchain and Blockchain for Developers at our Event Space at The Carrot Patch. Just last Saturday, we had the privilege of having Kenneth Hu, Founder & Co-Organiser of Singapore Blockchain & Dapps Meetup to conduct a workshop titled “Make Your Own Crypto Tokens” at The Chatterbox meeting room, at The Carrot Patch.

Gustavo Liu, Co-founder of The Hungry Labs Asia
Kenneth Hu – Founder & Co-Organiser, Singapore Blockchain & Dapps Meetup








The event saw a positive and spontaneous turnout of 10 participants, with a few of them who decided to show up on-site, expressing their interest in the workshop and being glad to be able to make it for the talk.

Attended by programmers representing different tech firms, it was a fruitful and collaborative session whereby participants exchanged ideas with regards to the relevance and use of crypto tokens in this digital age. The workshop was a good opportunity for the participants to create their own crypto currency by building their own crypto tokens using MetaMask, Ethereum wallet, the Truffle framework, Ganache and dApps.

Speaking to Co-founder of The Hungry Labs Asia, Gustavo Liu, who was present at the event, Gus highlighted the importance of encouraging different people to join in in the cryptocurrency exchange. He mentioned that individuals, especially programmers, can create their own cryptocurrency and raise themselves up from there. With that, there is a need to create tokens for utility purposes, to sell them to gain money.

“You can meet people with different ideas of how to use blockchain,” said Gus, “but you’ll need to be very wary and educate yourself, in order to guard your own money.”

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(Photo Source: The Hungry Labs Asia, Gustavo Liu)

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