The Hungry Talks: Startups & Stuff Efficient Networking

It was a privilege to have Gustavo Liu from The Hungry Lab Asia conduct their talk titled “Startups & Stuff Efficient Networking” at The Carrot Patch Event Space on the evening of Wednesday, 31 October 2018.

The event saw a huge turnout of participants ranging from entrepreneurs, small business owners and business professionals as well as professionals in the finance, real estate and entertainment industries.

The session kicked off with co-founder of The Hungry Lab Asia Gustavo Liu introducing The Carrot Patch co-working space to the participants at the event and our General Manager Loo Kian Wai took the stage to talk about the founding of The Carrot Patch as well as the partnership and collaboration between our co-working space and The Hungry Lab Asia.

As part of his sharing, Gustavo talked about how The Hungry Lab came about, together with his dream of being an entrepreneur. Another key speaker for the session was CEO/General Advisor of Aegis Partners Dennis Poh, who talked about how he joined The Hungry Lab Asia.

The night’s main topic of discussion began with Gustavo giving the participants an overview of what efficient networking is about, the different types of networking as well as what a person should do and what he or she should avoid and be mindful of during the process of establishing successful networking.

Gustavo then continued to engage the participants with a networking game called “Speed Dating without Dating”. Interesting as it sounds, it was a fruitful session whereby we saw all participants starting connections and exchanging contacts with people whom they have met for the first time at the event. Tips were also raised with regards to the specific steps to be taken after networking. With regards to which, the networking parties could set up group emails to continue to touch base with one another.

Gustavo then ended the session with a quote by martial artist Bruce Lee, “You should put yourself out there to practise, practise and practise”, to succeed in social networking.

Stay tuned for more events by The Hungry Lab Asia held at The Carrot Patch! For a tour of The Carrot Patch co-working space, call us at +65 8222 2252 or drop us a message at info@thecarrotpatch.co

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