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Inside Series: Understanding KenSci and its Healthcare Solutions with Data Science

KenSci is an AI and machine learning powered risk prediction platform built specifically for healthcare. Its name is derived from the Latin word “Ken” meaning knowledge and “Sci” which revolves around the business part of Science.

The global healthcare startup bases on a platform that is able to ingest data from healthcare data sources and identify patterns in them to provide insights on who might get sick, how sick they might get, how much it might cost to treat them as well as considering the pathways which provide the most optimal outcomes.

With such insights being gathered, healthcare executives and doctors can step in to intervene early and improve the quality of treatment offered to patients. Studies have shown that preventative measures often cost a lot less than treating a patient who is ill.

We speak to Marketing Director of KenSci Abhilash Kumar about KenSci’s journey and contributions to the healthcare sector at both the local and global scale as well as how their branch located in Singapore has benefitted from the environment and ecosystem of our coworking space at The Carrot Patch.

Recounting KenSci’s humble beginnings, KenSci had started off as a small research team comprising three researchers and two researchers working on a research project at the University of Washington. Together with their professor, Co-founder of KenSci Ankur Teredesai and the team began research to understand the impact of machine learning in predicting disease management risk.

Their research led to the publication of over 25 peer-reviewed papers which assisted healthcare companies and other researchers in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) save up on costs, and lives.

Nonetheless, the team managed to add a new capability or feature to their platform of healthcare solutions with every new concern, challenge or adversity they faced. Over the last two years, KenSci has grown into a team of more 60, with operations based in USA, UK, Europe, India, New Zealand and Singapore.

Sharing with us about their experience working at The Carrot Patch, the KenSci team responded with positivity with regards to the tremendous opportunities they had in accessing to the infrastructure and operational tools at our coworking space.

“The Carrot Patch has simplified the process for us by providing plug-and-play spaces, allowing our team to get started immediately without having to invest on additional time on sourcing for space, internet access and other necessities for an organisation that sets foot into branching to Singapore for the first time,” said Abhi on behalf of the KenSci team, “We also get to meet other like-minded organisations who are getting started and this creates an ecosystem of similar-sized companies that work together under the same roof.

Interested to know more about what the KenSci team is currently working on? Consider dropping by The Carrot Patch for a chat about their business in the AI and tech field. For a tour of The Carrot Patch co-working space, call us at +65 8222 2252 or drop us a message at

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