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The Carrot Patch Celebrates its First Anniversary by Giving Back to Community

To commemorate The Carrot Patch’s first birthday, we would like to extend our appreciation to every individual who has contributed to our progress! In line with this milestone, the staff team from both The Carrot Patch and our parent company AIQ have come together for a CSR collaboration with TOUCH Young Arrows (TYA).

On 19 November 2018, the staff of AIQ and The Carrot Patch, together with our partner The Hungry Lab Asia, were at Girls’ Brigade Headquarters to render our service by being a part of the Camp Explorer 2018 event organised by TYA.

It being a three-day-two-night camp, the event is held annually to celebrate the graduation of the cohort of Primary 6 children who officially ‘graduate’ from their involvement under TYA’s service in providing children from disadvantaged backgrounds with opportunities to nurture their potential in a holistic manner.

Geared up in our smart casual outfits comprising the AIQ staff tee and The Carrot Patch T-shirt, our team had set off with enthusiasm with the preparations and line-up of activities which we had in store for the young ones.

Our service for the day kickstarted with an engaging and educational talk by our CEO Marcus S Tan giving a presentation about AIQ as well as nuggets of information with regards to technology’s influence on our lifestyle in this day and age, drawing significant contrasts with how common lifestyle habits were like for people born in the 1960s.

Themed “The Entrepreneurship Journey”, The Carrot Patch staff team had spent a whole month to plan and strategise a series of station games for the beneficiaries of the event. We had an objective in mind of allowing the Primary 6 children to walk out of our activities gaining valuable learning points. With that, we managed to identify several important characteristics of a successful entrepreneur as meaningful takeaways from the games which our staff team came up with.

From a simple activity of budgeting for purchase to the tossing of balls and strategising for a way to maneuver oneself out of a maze within a ‘minefield’, it was a joy to witness the children being participative in the station games which we have conducted.

It was a light-hearted and rewarding experience on the whole, having the full strength of the AIQ and The Carrot Patch staff members coming together to serve the community. Above all, we are most glad to be able to inject the spirit of entrepreneurship as well as broadening the minds of the young beneficiaries with glimpses of the tech and business world and motivating them with the hopes of starting their own businesses when they grow up.

Do stay tuned for more events and activities organised by The Carrot Patch! We keep the wellbeing of our members at heart as we create an environment for our members to work hard and play hard within our collaborative ecosystem.

For a tour of The Carrot Patch co-working space, call us at +65 8222 2252 or drop us a message at

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