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The Hungry Talks: Startups & Stuff AI Roundtable

It was a privilege to have Gustavo Liu from The Hungry Labs Asia conduct their roundtable discussion titled “Startups & Stuff: AI Roundtable” at The Carrot Patch Event Space on the evening of Wednesday, 12 December 2018.

The event had a great turnout of participants, from a variety of companies spanning different specialisations, with representatives from the education, fintech and medtech fields and even Venture Capitalists including SUTD, NDR Medical Technology, Medtronic, Lumin(ai)re, DeepGrey, AIQ, TRIVE VC and Sharpen, amongst others.

The session was chaired by Gustavo, who touched on entrepreneurship and how one could start their own business, and what The Hungry Lab Asia is actively doing, to help other startups gain their footing. Our Head of Memberships at The Carrot Patch Kallis Chen did a brief introduction of our coworking space, and shared about how The Carrot Patch helps to curate a conducive environment for startups to flourish.

Following which, the roundtable discussion kickstarted with the various industry representatives sharing about how their companies utilise artificial intelligence (AI) to secure an edge within their industry.

Thereafter, the floor was open to all participants to voice out any questions and concerns which they had. An example of an intriguing question raised was “Would AI be a commodity in the future?” – to which most participants agreed that it would. Just like the internet, when AI was first developed, it was considered a novelty, and an industrial revolution.

Many claimed that the World Wide Web would never take off, anticipating that it would be doomed to failure. Above and beyond what was predicted, the Internet has become part and parcel of our everyday life. In fact, many people cannot live without being plugged in. Similarly, AI is thought to follow suit, and that it will eventually be commoditised to the same level.

Meiqian Low, from TRIVE VC also explained what investors look out for in startups when they pitch their ideas. In response to queries on what criteria investors have, she mentioned that simply throwing out what ideas and technology startups possessed was not enough, but knowing how to connect and curate their ideas to meeting the needs of these investors would be more critical.

Having technical specifications or having terms like “big data analytics”, “machine learning” or “artificial intelligence” alone would not cut it as well, rather,  knowing how to link and direct these to appeal to investors would be much more effective.

CTO of our parent company AIQ Mr Khang Toh also gave an introduction to all participants about how AIQ’s patented Video and Image Recognition Technology, powered by AI, is able to benefit various industry verticals comprising outdoor media, retail and MICE.

The roundtable culminated with Gustavo sharing his thoughts on how the future and present times of the tech industries are already being shaped by AI, and ended off with a short time of networking with the participants.

Stay tuned for more events by The Hungry Lab Asia held at The Carrot Patch! For a tour of The Carrot Patch co-working space, call us at +65 8222 2252 or drop us a message at

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