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How does it feel to be part of The Carrot Patch?

The Carrot Patch, a pocket-friendly coworking space located within the precinct of Henderson, aims to be your next work space to “Work Hard, Play Hard”.

As a startup too, we totally understand the pain points of being one. Hence, we ensure that all our efforts are focused to provide the best we can for our members in the technological and Artificial Intelligence (AI) space.

Right now, you might be curious about how your journey with The Carrot Patch might turn out. Today, we are going to walk you through some of our specialities!

#1 Interacting with friendly staff daily

Here at The Carrot Patch, we believe that all possibilities start with a simple HELLO. Our communication seeks to foster an emotional connection with our members. We are approachable, energetic and full of life. We strongly believe in fostering good relations with our members as to ensure that they have a pleasant time here with us.

One of our members, Denny Teo expressed his feelings towards The Carrot Patch as “Amazing place with friendly staff”. This truly warms our heart upon knowing that our members are pleased and contented with the customer service we provide.

Friendly staff of The Carrot Patch

#2 Realising the importance of work-life balance

Apart from providing a co-working space for our members, we have rooftop facilities which includes a swimming pool and gym. You can also hit the sauna or steam room to unwind after a long day of work and let your troubles fade away. We also have amenities comprising a foosball table and a recreational area with an arcade console.

Game of Foosball

Rooftop swimming pool & gym

The Carrot Patch greatly encourages everyone to engage in these recreational activities apart from work as it helps one to clear their head, gain perspective and be more motivated to do their best in life.

One of our members, Stephen Wong gladly shared with us the highlight of his journey with The Carrot Patch:





#3 Conducive/Favourable atmosphere   

The Carrot Patch provides a productive work environment for our members to work efficiently without any distractions. We also have comfortable amenities comprising spacious work desks and comfortable work chairs.

Spacious and comfortable work spaces

Meeting room

Here we have a few testimonials given by our Carrot Patch members:

One of our members, Norith Kim, had stated how our space had allowed him to work more productively. Upon seeing this, we were immensely delighted as our aims to provide the best for our members were fulfilled.

Another of our member, Anton Babenko, expressed how he could stay focused on his work without any interruptions. He was also impressed that the environment was quiet and spacious.

#4 Complimentary Benefits   

Who doesn’t like free snacks or coffee? Of course everyone loves it and here at The Carrot Patch we offer AMAZING coffee, tea and DELICIOUS snacks for our members.

AMAZING coffee, tea and DELICIOUS snacks

These benefits have been greatly enjoyed by our members and here is a testimonial given by one of our members, Jordan Ring:

Jordan Ring had mentioned that he loved the free coffee and snacks. Overall, he revealed that he had a splendid time here with us at The Carrot Patch.


We are certain that you are feeling enlightened to join us in this wonderful journey. For a tour of The Carrot Patch coworking space, do call us at +65 8222 2252 or drop us a message at


“For small businesses to thrive, they require an environment that is conducive for growth” – Nydia Velazquez

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